Three steps to start your day positively

August 31, 2018

I would love to start every day feeling positive. To open my eyes and think “yes, another wonderful day!” But honestly, sometimes I wake up and for no apparent reason I am in a funk. Logically there is no reason for it – my bed is warm & comfy, I’ve slept well, I have nothing bad going on. And yet  I feel terrible.

In fact, that’s exactly what happened this morning. As soon as I opened my eyes I felt bleuuggh. It’s a crappy way to start the day.

When this happens though (which it does from time to time) I know I have a choice. I can allow the mood to take over, or I can do something about it. And from experience doing just a few small things can not only shift a mood but actually leave me feeling positive and energised.

So here are my top three tips if you too find yourself battling in the morning.

1. Get up! Pretty basic yes, but when you are in a funk it can feel very tempting to pull the covers over your head and just stay where you are. In my experience though, that only leaves you feeling worse. So my first tip is to throw off the covers, put your feet on the floor and get up. At least you know you’ve achieved something.

2. Get out. The best thing, whether you are feeling stressed, depressed or somewhere in between, is to get outside and get active. Go for a walk, run, head to the gym, do some yoga – anything that will get your heart rate up and fresh air in your lungs. (Exercise and nature are a magic combination!)

3. Set your intention. Ok so you feel crap. How would you prefer to feel? Take a few minutes to set your intention for the day. Simply close your eyes, bring to mind something you appreciate (sunshine, family, the beach), then allow a positive intention to rise up for your day. See how that plays out right up until you get into bed that night. When you’re done write your intention on a piece of paper and keep it with you.

Taking these three relatively simple actions can mean the difference between dragging yourself through your day, and transforming it into something positive.

So next time you wake up feeling bad fight the urge to stay in bed. Get up, get out and meet your day with positive intent!


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