What is your ‘Word of the Year’?

A quick coaching session with Jodi Bush, Conscious Leadership Coach and Founder of Thrive Executive. What is your ‘Word of the Year’? Picking a word can help us achieve our goals by serving as an anchor that brings us back at the end of each day, giving us a focus for self-reflecting on the decisions […]

5 tips for getting outside your comfort zone at work!

We instinctively know that the most successful people, whether that’s in business, politics, sport or the arts, get there by pushing boundaries. The reality of stepping outside of our comfort zone however, can prove daunting. The potential risk of failure, possibility of looking foolish, difficult conversations and uncertain outcomes…. I mean who wants that? Yet […]

Be 1% Better

How often do you hear phrases like “go big or go home” or “push your limits?” There is an inherent assumption that unless we are achieving huge leaps forward then we are failing or at least that we won’t achieve any great success. But not only is this patently untrue it’s also destructive. Why? Because […]

How to start (and finish) your first novel!

Have you got aspirations of being a writer? If so, you aren’t alone. According to Google a massive eighty-one percent of Americans believed they had a “book in them”. Of this vast number however, only twenty-four percent will start writing their book, six percent will make it halfway through and less than one percent finish. […]

How are you limiting yourself?

What is holding you back right now? Money? Opportunities? Education? Health? Family? Capability? There are many things that we can point to when we try to make sense of why we haven’t achieved what we want to. Some of us look outwards, pointing to people and situations. Others blame their own inadequacies – labelling themselves […]

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