The Pomodoro Technique

This salad themed technique is a tool that I use pretty much daily as a way of staying on track – and it’s ridiculously easy to put into practice. Developed by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980’s the Pomodoro technique (so named after the tomato shaped timer he used) suggests that working in timed sprints encourages […]

Be 1% Better

How often do you hear phrases like “go big or go home” or “push your limits?” There is an inherent assumption that unless we are achieving huge leaps forward then we are failing or at least that we won’t achieve any great success. But not only is this patently untrue it’s also destructive. Why? Because […]

Mission, Vision, Purpose, Values and Goals.

While company websites and strategy papers regularly refer to their mission, vision, values and purpose the concepts are frequently confused. Not surprising given the fact they not only overlap but heavily rely on each other. So what is the difference between a company’s mission and purpose? And what does it mean to achieve your vision […]

Do you know your purpose?

Do you know the purpose is behind what you’re doing or are you stuck in a cycle of striving towards goals you’ll never quite meet?

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