What is your ‘Word of the Year’?

A quick coaching session with Jodi Bush, Conscious Leadership Coach and Founder of Thrive Executive. What is your ‘Word of the Year’? Picking a word can help us achieve our goals by serving as an anchor that brings us back at the end of each day, giving us a focus for self-reflecting on the decisions […]

Mentorship over Money: Empower your teams with the gift of Leadership

hand holding scale with a plant on one side and a piggy bank on the other. The piggy bank is heavier than the plant.

Go beyond traditional monetary gifts for your teams and instead invest your time through mentorship; a powerful way to unlock potential, foster growth, collaboration, and professional development. It’s more than a bonus — it’s a lasting investment in your team’s success. Showcase your belief in their untapped potential and empower your team to excel with the lasting gift of mentorship!

Do you know your purpose?

Do you know the purpose is behind what you’re doing or are you stuck in a cycle of striving towards goals you’ll never quite meet?

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