Executive Coaching

I’ll help you feel on purpose

Achieve your potential

As an executive coach I will work one on one with you to boost your performance, mindset and wellbeing.

My role is to not only help you overcome immediate challenges, but to find clarity and purpose. Together we will identify the beliefs and behaviours that are holding you back, and hone in on the strengths that will propel you forward. I will urge you to move outside your comfort zone so that you can achieve your potential.

Programs are bespoke to the individual, and take into account the outcomes that you are seeking to achieve as well as any other commitments.

How can I help you achieve more?

Understanding strengths and values

Enhancing productivity

Boosting resilience

Coping with negative thoughts

Reducing anxiety

Relationship building

Setting clear vision and strategy

Having spent seventeen years working with companies across the U.K., Europe, America and Australia and then managing my own business I am very familiar with demands placed on professionals.

It can be a real challenge to balance a successful career with your personal wellbeing, relationships and goals. Many people feel like they have lost a sense of purpose or that parts of their life are off track. 

When providing executive coaching I combine my professional experience with insights gained from positive psychology and results based coaching, to help clients identify what they want to focus on and unlock their potential.

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If you are looking to enhance your performance at work, or want to achieve more balance in your personal and professional life get in touch.

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What our clients say

Jodi was instrumental in helping us understand what it took to reconsider the drivers and values that guided our alignment and priorities. Jodi has been absolutely outstanding at connecting our CIO and leadership team to an action plan that provides structure, discipline and invites our employees to take ownership of the way they help shape our future state operating model.

Delan Naidu

Jodi has been an exceptional leadership coach and mentor to some of our most senior Business Units Managers across NSW. Jodi's ability to develop tailor-made programmes that recognise and capture the capabilities of the individual has greatly improved our strategic alignment across the region. This approach has helped to break down communication barriers and mindsets that would have in the past discouraged openness and trust.

Graham Hindley

"Opportunities for genuine self-reflection and greater personal understanding. Activities were set up in such a way that you got a chance to meet some great people. Guided through the journey by Jodi who is warm, funny and engaging. Highly recommended".

Sharon Miller

Jodi is a force! She's provided great coaching and insights to our leaders at Peoplecare. Her commitment to achieving through people is inspiring. I recommend Jodi to any organisation that wants to empower their people to unleash their inner remarkable!!

Melinda Williams

Jodi is amazing and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for greater alignment and improved performance within their teams. Her approach has made a huge difference to everyone in our team and has given me greater insight into how individuals in my team are operating. We are definitely working with greater purpose and direction as a team, thanks to Jodi’s work.

Anita Mulrooney