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"Be the designer of your world and not merely the consumer of it."

— James Clear

How we work

Executive coaching forms a critical part of the work that we do with clients, particularly in terms of Business Strategy and Organisational Change. Working face to face with senior leaders enables us to embed learning, enhance personal development, identify challenges and address gaps. When carried out across a team it also allows us to surface themes and understand where there are potential disconnects. By combining executive coaching with other solutions the opportunity for change within an organisation is significantly increased.

When coaching individuals we go beyond their current performance, to understand their mindset and sense of purpose. Our goal is to help people achieve their potential without sacrificing well-being and satisfaction. By using a range of diagnostic tools, 360 degree feedback, belief mapping and habit building we are able to working with individuals to foster real insights and meaningful personal development.

A tailored Approach

We have several options when it comes to coaching programmes from targeted strategy sessions to leadership development programmes. It ultimately depends on the outcome you are seeking to achieve for yourself or your people.


Targeted problem solving sessions


Achieving outcomes by linking strategy and culture


Insights to take you and your business to the next level


Helping you move from from vision to impact

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If you are curious to find out more we invite you to set up a meeting with Jodi or alternatively, a free introductory coaching session.

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