Covid and Grief

Whether you have been significantly impacted by the events surrounding Covid or are just feeling the effects of endless lockdowns, news conferences and infection rates, chances are it’s having an emotional impact on you. 

Over the last year you might have felt angry, sad or even guilty. At other times you may have reached a level of acceptance or at times even joyously happy. 

This rollercoaster of emotions is uncomfortable and some suggest what we are feeling is grief. 

Grief for the plans we had. 
Grief for what we’ve lost. 
Grief for those who are suffering. 
Grief for the world. 

While we might not be able to make the situation go away, understanding why we feel the way we do can help us be more compassionate with ourselves and get the right supports in place. 

This insightful piece from HBR explores the concept of grief and how it relates to our response to the ongoing impacts of Covid.