Conscious Leadership: More than just a title

Conscious Leadership - a cartoon of a large head with three people filling it with a lightbulb gears and a heart

The Who, What, When, Why, and How of showing up for you and your people Whether you’re at the helm of a Fortune 500 company, representing your colleagues in meetings, or running a small business – if you have people who follow you, you’re a leader. But how conscious are you of your influence? As […]

Mentorship over Money: Empower your teams with the gift of Leadership

hand holding scale with a plant on one side and a piggy bank on the other. The piggy bank is heavier than the plant.

Go beyond traditional monetary gifts for your teams and instead invest your time through mentorship; a powerful way to unlock potential, foster growth, collaboration, and professional development. It’s more than a bonus — it’s a lasting investment in your team’s success. Showcase your belief in their untapped potential and empower your team to excel with the lasting gift of mentorship!

Meet-up Group – Realise Your Potential

Jodi launched Realise Your Personal Potential Meet-up Group in October 2021. The goal was to expand the Thrive community and to engage directly with more people. The group focuses on providing tools and insights that will enhance self-awareness and satisfaction. Topics are based on research from behaviour change and positive psychology shown to boost mindset, […]

Suicide Prevention Collaborative

The Collaborative was established in 2015 to tackle the Illawarra’s high rates of suicide. It consists of representatives from more than 40 organisations, as well as lived experience advocates. The hope is that by joining forces less people will fall through the cracks. Having lost her husband to suicide in 2013, Jodi became involved with The Collaborative with […]

180 Degrees Consulting

The Wollongong Executive team from 180 Degrees Consulting approached Thrive Executive with the goal of building their team’s leadership skills. As the largest consultancy for non-profits and social enterprises, it relies on top university students to volunteer their time to social impact projects and organisations. Inspired by their desire to make a difference I offered […]

Covid and Grief

Whether you have been significantly impacted by the events surrounding Covid or are just feeling the effects of endless lockdowns, news conferences and infection rates, chances are it’s having an emotional impact on you.  Over the last year you might have felt angry, sad or even guilty. At other times you may have reached a […]

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