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August 8, 2023

How often do you hear phrases like “go big or go home” or “push your limits?”

There is an inherent assumption that unless we are achieving huge leaps forward then we are failing or at least that we won’t achieve any great success.

But not only is this patently untrue it’s also destructive.

Why? Because when we try to changes things too significantly and too fast it is easy to find ourselves struggling to meet our self-set targets:

  • we get overwhelmed
  • we feel like we’re failing
  • we don’t see any progress
  • we burnout

And so we give up.

You only have to reflect on all those unmet New Years pledges or unrealised strategic business objectives to know this is true.

Not to say you can’t aspire to do incredible things – just be aware that getting there doesn’t have to involve rapid, massive shifts. In fact, committing to regular, incremental improvements is much more likely to lead you to success.

Consider an NBA basket player (or anyone else in a position of magnitude). No one wakes up one day and decides “You know what, I’m going to play for the Lakers starting next month”.

Reality is those players have been making small, steady steps towards towards this goal for years and years and years. And will continue to do so in every training session, every match, even every meal they eat…

Taking consistent, small steps towards a larger goal is crucial and more effective because:

  • The steps are achievable
  • You make consistent progress
  • It feels rewarding
  • The process is sustainable.

As James Clear states, every single action we take is a vote for (or against) our future self.

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