Mastering Stress: A Guide for Leaders

The Value of Box Breathing Stress is a natural part of our lives, serving as a driving force that keeps us motivated and accountable. It pushes us to achieve our goals and meet our responsibilities. Yet, like most things, too much of it can be detrimental, affecting our well-being and clouding our judgment. For leaders, […]

What is your ‘Word of the Year’?

A quick coaching session with Jodi Bush, Conscious Leadership Coach and Founder of Thrive Executive. What is your ‘Word of the Year’? Picking a word can help us achieve our goals by serving as an anchor that brings us back at the end of each day, giving us a focus for self-reflecting on the decisions […]

Conscious Leadership: More than just a title

Conscious Leadership - a cartoon of a large head with three people filling it with a lightbulb gears and a heart

The Who, What, When, Why, and How of showing up for you and your people Whether you’re at the helm of a Fortune 500 company, representing your colleagues in meetings, or running a small business – if you have people who follow you, you’re a leader. But how conscious are you of your influence? As […]

Curiosity and Leadership: The Power of Being a Curious Leader

In the realm of leadership, curiosity is a potent yet underrated asset. The simple act of “seeking first to understand rather than to be understood” can have a profound impact on our ability to deliver impactful strategic results whilst balancing a strong team dynamic.

Mentorship over Money: Empower your teams with the gift of Leadership

hand holding scale with a plant on one side and a piggy bank on the other. The piggy bank is heavier than the plant.

Go beyond traditional monetary gifts for your teams and instead invest your time through mentorship; a powerful way to unlock potential, foster growth, collaboration, and professional development. It’s more than a bonus — it’s a lasting investment in your team’s success. Showcase your belief in their untapped potential and empower your team to excel with the lasting gift of mentorship!

5 tips for getting outside your comfort zone at work!

We instinctively know that the most successful people, whether that’s in business, politics, sport or the arts, get there by pushing boundaries. The reality of stepping outside of our comfort zone however, can prove daunting. The potential risk of failure, possibility of looking foolish, difficult conversations and uncertain outcomes…. I mean who wants that? Yet […]

The Pomodoro Technique

This salad themed technique is a tool that I use pretty much daily as a way of staying on track – and it’s ridiculously easy to put into practice. Developed by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980’s the Pomodoro technique (so named after the tomato shaped timer he used) suggests that working in timed sprints encourages […]

Be 1% Better

How often do you hear phrases like “go big or go home” or “push your limits?” There is an inherent assumption that unless we are achieving huge leaps forward then we are failing or at least that we won’t achieve any great success. But not only is this patently untrue it’s also destructive. Why? Because […]

Culture vs. Strategy

Peter Drucker famously said that “culture eats strategy for breakfast” and yet how often have you been in a strategy session, or a meeting about achieving business objectives, where there is no mention of culture? Or vice versa, a discussion about shifting behaviours and culture within your business that doesn’t take into account the organisation’s […]

Are you burning yourself out?

Here is a revolutionary idea… how about instead of endless busyness we put aside more time for doing absolutely nothing. We prize busyness in our society and we wear being overbooked, overwhelmed and overworked as a badge of honour. It’s no surprise that anxiety, burnout and depression are at epidemic levels. But what’s the antidote? […]

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