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Who we are

Thrive Executive was launched in 2017 with the focus of enabling individuals and businesses to transform through humanistic leadership and purpose-led action. With a focus on vision, strategy and people we help businesses realise their potential and that of their people. 

Every client engagement is underpinned by the same three objectives – identify clear outcomes, understand what it will take to achieve them, and remain accountable to making them happen. 

By bringing together research around business management, mindset and behaviour change we seek to support leaders to inspire meaningful change.

Where and how we work

With our main office situated in Wollongong, NSW we have worked with clients across Australia. Using a combination of in-person and remote engagement we are able to deliver executive coaching and change programmes wherever you may be situated.

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Meet your change-makers

The Team

Jodi Bush - Foudnder and Managing Director or Thrive Executive

Jodi Bush

Founder & Managing Director

Jodi Bush

After spending 17 years’ delivering strategic projects for multi-nationals across Europe, England, the U.S and Australia Jodi launched Thrive Executive in 2017 with a focus on executive coaching and organisational change. She is dedicated to supporting meaningful change at all levels of organisations with a particular focus on joining the dots between strategy and culture.
Heidi Wentworth-Ping - Content Management & Design at Thrive Executive

Heidi Wentworth-Ping

Content management & design

Heidi Wentworth-Ping

With a Masters in Photo Journalism and Documentary Photography, Heidi is a true creative with a keen focus on bringing words and design together. She works with Jodi to create content and images that support client learning and development. Her objective is to make insights accessible and engaging both online and in person.
Melinda Latham - Client Experience

Melinda Latham

Client Experience

Melinda Latham

With a focus on the detail Melinda is responsible for ensuring that we stay on top of client scheduling and administration. She is dedicated to ensuring that our relationships are smooth running and clients are provided with consistent support.
Delan Naidu - Strategy & Change Partner at Thrive Executive

Delan Naidu

Strategy and Change Partner

Delan Naidu

Delan is a senior strategy consultant with over 20 years of experience in enabling technology facilitated outcomes within multiple sectors across Australia, England, Europe, Asia and the U.S. Having recently completed innovation studies at Stanford, he is passionate about building sustainable capability via strategic alignment and targeted operating models.

Our Values

We firmly believe that values act as our compass in the world. If individuals and organisations make decisions in line with their core values then the opportunity for success, but also genuine satisfaction, is greatly enhanced. That is why we come back to our values in everything we do.


Strong, reciprocal relationships underpin all our engagements.


We believe mental and physical wellbeing is fundamental to success.


We continually seek to make a positive difference in the lives of others.


We have a focus on driving continual learning and personal growth.


We act with integrity and are authentic in absolutely everything that we do.


We hear the word “thrive” a lot but to us it is more than a buzzword.

Here it stands for six core elements of personal satisfaction and success – time, headspace, relationships, identity, vision and engagement.

This recognition that no one thing is responsible for our success and wellbeing underpins all the work we do with clients.

THRIVE Conscious Leadership model

We love our clients

At Thrive our clients are our partners, and we are proud to collaborate with incredible companies.

Thrive Dots Element

Why work with us?

At Thrive Executive we recognise that transformation requires focused action, and that this  is dependent on the right mindset and behaviours. If there isn’t a commitment to work from the point of outcomes to accountability then any success will be by luck rather than design. We partner with clients on the basis that there is a shared commitment to achieve lasting, people centred, results.

What our
clients have
to say.

Thrive Dots Element
Thrive Dots Element


It all starts with a conversation

While we have tried to answer your questions here we know that it’s only by having a conversation that you’ll really know if Thrive is a good fit for you or your company. If you are curious to find out more we invite you to set up a meeting or alternatively, a free introductory coaching session.

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