8 reasons investing in mental health makes business sense

July 22, 2018

With1 in 5 Australians diagnosed with a mental health issue each year wellbeing is a critical issue not just for the individual but also for the employer.[1]

Here are the top 10 reasons why employers need to make mental health a priority.

1. Happy workers are better workers: research shows that employees who have higher mental wellbeing are more productive, committed and punctual.

2. Reduced absenteeism: mental ill-health costs Australian companies $15 billion per year. Good mental health means less sick days and higher performance.

3. Reduced presenteesim: almost as problematic as people not turning up is people turning up unable to perform their job properly.

4. Legal obligation: as an employer you are legally required to safeguard the mental and physical wellbeing of staff. This includes things like managing workload, culture, and bullying.

5. Lower costs: sick days and lower productivity come at a cost. By proactively supporting your employee’s mental health you can reduce the cost to your organisation.

6. Improved engagement: companies with a demonstrated a commitment to employee wellbeing have higher levels of engagement and morale.

7. Increased loyalty: when employees feel invested in and their wellbeing is safeguarded they are more likely to remain with their company.

8. Valuing your peoplework comprises a significant part of people’s lives and ultimately employers need to take an interest in their staff simply because they value their wellbeing.

Do you want to find out what more you could be doing to support yourself or your employees? Send me a message at jodi@flourishpersonalcoaching.com and I would be happy to talk.

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